Classroom Core
Innovative Solutions for Classroom Teachers

About Classroom Core

Who We Are

Classroom Core is a small development team and 100% of our staff have spouses who work in education. Our founder is married to a classroom teacher, and both his mother and mother-in-law are retired classroom teachers.

Classroom Core is a brand of AlekTek Enterprises. AlekTek was named after one of our founders daughters and her childhood dreams to "make inventions" when she grew up.

What We Do

Classroom Core's primary mission is to provide innovative tools to classroom teachers at low or no cost. All our tools are developed with the input of classroom teachers and are built to be functional and easy to use.

Classroom Core's also seeks to create tools that assist adminstrators in the management of school districts. We became aware of these opportunities when our founder assisted a local district with an audit and saw how good infomration tools could provide tremendous value.

How this get started

One day, our founder saw his wife grading papers. She was using three different apps to assist her. When he asked why, she replied that now of the apps did everything she needed.

"I can fix that."

Three days later, the Easy Grader was finished. Ever since, the team at Classroom Core has tried to develop the best tools to help classroom teachers.