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About Classroom Core Timers

Classroom Core offers a variety of tools to assist teachers and coaches in managing their critical time with students. All timers are built with classroom use in mind and offer a variety of options to match individual user needs. All timers offer timing for hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds (hh:mm:ss:mill).

Stopwatch: The stopwatch offers basic timing functions, including a lap recording feature.

Countdown: The countdown timer allows the user to set a time and countdown to zero. There are options for a 5-second warning that alerts during the last five seconds of a countdown and a selection of end alerts.

Interval Timer: The interval timer is perfect for breaking down class time into smaller periods. This timer allows the user to set a time and a number of intervals, or times the countdown will repeat. Dividing a 40-minute class into four, 10-minute sections is as easy a starting this timer with 10 minutes and 4 intervals. The timer will alert when each interval changes, and plan and end alert when the total time has elapsed.

Round Timer: The round timer allows users to create sequences that contain a repeating, timed rounds, with a designated break in between. The format is similar to a boxing match, where the fighters compete for 12, three-minute rounds, with a minute break between each round. Users can create their own formats for classroom times, games, high intensity interval training exercises, or other timed activity.